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Avenir Capital  has been established as an international niche boutique executive search consulting firm. We are the consulting partner of choice among global management consulting firms, private equity firms, venture capitalists seeking guidance and counsel on strategic senior leadership needs for their firms and portfolio companies globally.

We work with clients across a range of practice industries, from the world’s largest companies to medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups across the board.   Our professional services are grounded in dilligent, rigorous and imaginative research and proven through four decades of successul senior placements across the globe. Each is continously refined and adapted to keep pace with the realities of an ever changing world.

Our mission is to assist clients find world class leaders who will improve the vigour and performance of their organizations. We have continuous access to leading executives around the world and exercise the highest level of discretion and judgement in every client search engagement.

Our client partner’s benefit from our multicultural and cross functional approach as every consultant has a unique blend of professional search experience and deep industry expertise in their local and global markets. Our consultants know the nuances of their environments in terms of its business issues, challenges and trends affecting the search positively with appropriate candidates.

To maximize sector specialization and knowledge sharing across the firm, our search teams are organized into industry and functional practices. State-of-the-art technology, top-rated associates and creative researchers support our Client Engagement teams.  The teams regularly work with colleagues across international borders, reflecting the global reach of our clients and the world class candidate pool.

we recognize that as  executive search professionals, the awareness we bring, the counsel we impart and the solutions we offer can have a significant impact on the clients business we serve and on the individual candidates careers and lives;  and take these responsibilities with utmost care and consideration.

We believe that open, regular communication, discretion and transparency of operations are essential to all successful working partnerships.

Our code of professional ethics demands that we manage our relationships with our clients, candidates and colleagues with great care, integrity and mutual respect. We advise with courage without prejudice and treat sensitive information with the utmost respect and discretion.

Most importantly we value quality — the quality of the engagement we provide our clients and the manner in which we treat our candidates, whether we have been retained to recruit a senior executive, advise a board or conduct a global leadership succession initiative.

Our Practices

6 Reason for us to work together


We are good at what we do.

We are good at what we do, with over 40 years of combined executive search experience and extensive knowledge in our field of expertise. We have a bias for excellence and give a 100% effort to gratify the needs and requirement of client partners.


We are dedicated.

Our dedication is one of the pillars that make Avenir such a successful company. In this 24/7 economy it has become a necessity to be available at all times. Our clients appreciate that we are there for them 24/7.


We are diligent.

We actively process new candidates in to our extensive database. Our process is rigorous and just, we carefully select the best possible candidates who satisfy the requirement of clients.


We are caring.

We are not only looking for what you require right now, but we also look at what a client may need in the future. If our team sees an upcoming trend we can calculate this in with our database to find an appropriate candidate that, not only fulfils the current requirement, but can also adapt towards a new trend to optimize his or her potential towards the client company.


We are talented.

Our team of extraordinary talent goes above and beyond to find the right person for the right opportunity. Avenir would be lost without their courage, tenacity and diligence.


We are intelligent.

Our academic, emotional and social intelligence provides is with a superior platform to discuss, analyze and evaluate high performing candidates quickly for a particular assignment giving our clients the leverage of speed and agility.